A family’s trip to the Bahamas resort of Samoset will be remembered for all the wrong reasons

A family of six will spend their holiday in the Bahamas this week for reasons not quite clear.

A spokesman for the resort said they were staying in a room at a house belonging to a local family who had been visiting. 

The spokesman said that they had no idea what they were doing there, and had not been informed of any charges. 

A spokesman for Samosets local government said the hotel is a “family friendly” location and the family has not been contacted by the local authorities. 

In an email, a spokesperson for the local government, which is run by Samosette’s local council, said they could not comment on the matter, and referred questions to the resort’s tourism management company. 

Samoset has become notorious for the “Samosets curse”, which it refers to as “the curse of the Samosettes” which dates back to the 1930s. 

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