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‘We are going to destroy the world’: The Palestinians plan to make a ‘sea change’

The Palestinians on Monday announced that they will build a large new settlement in the occupied West Bank, where the Israeli government has denied Palestinians access to their land.In a statement, the Palestinian Authority’s central committee said the new settlement, called Maale Adumim, will include a residential compound that can

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All of them are the same

Phoenix Resort, Coronado Springs, and Nemacolin Woods resort are all on the same map.The three Phoenix resorts are just as popular, according to the poll, with all three coming in as the #1 resort for 2018.The poll found that the popular Phoenix resort has been on the top of the

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When: From Tuesday – Saturday 11am to 5pm | Where: Costa Rica’s Torres de la Laguna national park

This is the second in a series of articles on the Caribbean Islands.Read more about the Caribbean in our article Tropical Storm Debby’s arrival has pushed Tropical StormDebby off the Caribbean coast.The storm is expected to dump up to 30mm of rain in the region.This will bring a major disruption

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How to get a Bahamas vacation? Here’s everything you need to know

Bahamas resort owners are hoping to boost tourism in their islands’ tourist hub by introducing a new attraction in the wake of a deadly terror attack there in October.A $2.4 million facility will open this summer at the beachside resort of Kalahari and its neighboring islands of Bali and Koh

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When Is The Crystal Mountain Resort Going To Open?

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, located in the Aspen Mountains in the UK, has been a destination resort since 2007 and has been operating under the name of “A Snowy Mountain Resort.”It’s currently a temporary venue, but has plans to open its doors in the next few months.According to the site,

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How to get lost in the desert: Lost resorts lost to sand

A sand dune at Lost Resort and Casino in Nevada.Lost Resort and casino in Nevada lost its sand dunes and other natural features after sand washes in.The desert landscape was covered in the sand, creating an eerie greenish hue.The dune was destroyed during a storm in 2014, and sand from

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Australia to close its ‘shady offshore tax haven’ in 2018

AUSTRALIA has announced it will close its “shady” offshore tax Havens, with the government announcing it will not be pursuing any further legal action against companies.Key points:The decision to close the offshore tax havens comes after the Abbott Government accused the international community of unfairly targeting the world’s poorest countriesThe

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How to get the best of both worlds with an island resort

A resort in the middle of nowhere is a great place to start if you’re looking for a break from the world.The most notable feature of an island park is the ability to get away from it all and enjoy the scenery and wildlife of the surrounding islands and mountains.But

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Top resorts stock hits new all-time high

A record-high stock market rally has given the resort industry a boost, with many companies hitting record highs in the latest edition of the International Stock Exchange.Gulf resorts, hotels and golf courses have all added to their profit records since the market started rallying in late November.They’ve now risen by

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