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The U.S. resort industry could suffer after Trump moves to protect hotel jobs

The Trump administration on Friday withdrew a policy that would have allowed states to protect some jobs from the incoming administration’s budget cuts, but did not eliminate them.The announcement came as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced he was backing away from a plan that would allow hotels to continue

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What to know about the Florida resort where a former president was found dead

The death of former President George H.W. Bush’s son was discovered on Wednesday after being buried for more than a decade.Officials at the resort in Orlando say George H Bush was found unconscious and was pronounced dead.The former president’s body was transported to a nearby morgue.The death is the latest

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How to find a tropical resort in Cambodia

LOS ANGELES — If you’re looking for an exotic resort in Southeast Asia, a tropical island in the middle of a coral reef, or a place to spend the summer, here are some of the best places in Southeast Asian waters to get away from it all.The Philippines: Manila’s cityscape

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Arizona resorts ‘should have their own separate resort’

A resort near the resort where President Donald Trump’s son Eric was vacationing has a “unique history” and should be able to operate independently, the owner of the resort told the Arizona Republic.Eric Trump was visiting Las Vegas in April for the opening of the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center,

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When Disney is a family resort, what else is there?

When Disney Vacation Club members are allowed to make purchases at the resort, they’re able to save up to $100 in travel and hotel costs, and then get the money back once they return to Disney Springs.The new rules will apply to the resort at Disney Springs, Disney’s Magic Kingdom,

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Why did the world end?

A new book by a former US military officer offers a bleak and devastating story of the world ending and the aftermath of the Cold War, including the nuclear holocaust and the global war on terror.The book, The End of History, by Robert Pape, is published on Sunday by Oxford

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How to take on the latest and greatest in PC gaming

In this article: Polygon, a website dedicated to game coverage, has been giving us the latest in PC games, news and events.This article may contain affiliate links.See our disclosure policy for more details.Polygon: PC Gaming and Gaming for the Masses, the most powerful computer gaming platform for gamers since the

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How to Get Free Vacation Destinations in Disneyland Resort

My parents live in a remote cabin in Alaska, and our daughter’s birthday is coming up soon.We’ve decided to travel for the weekend to Disney World, but the best way to do that is to stay in Disney Resort.That’s right, we’re taking advantage of free Disney Vacation Club memberships.You’ll be

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