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US ski resorts may be losing $1 billion in annual revenue due to a recession in California

A snow-storm hit the resort states of California, Florida and Nevada on Friday, bringing down more than two feet of snow and disrupting hotel stays, leaving the industry struggling to find money to keep the resorts afloat.The storms came just hours after the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association reported a

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The ‘wacky’ roller coaster that has been attracting visitors for more than 60 years is set to reopen for a second season in 2019

WASHINGTON — A roller coaster at one of the country’s most famous resort cities will be coming back to life in 2019.The Wonderland roller coaster, which opened in 1926, has drawn hundreds of thousands of visitors a year for more-than 60 years.But the attraction, which reopened at the end of

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How to play a hidden mountain resort in a new game

In a world where people go from one place to another to live, a hidden resort can be a beautiful place to spend a few weeks.With an underground pool, you can even climb the mountain to find new treasures.And while there’s no hidden pool to jump into, the pool and

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How to get your hands on the $4 million Palm Springs Resort and Spa

With its signature, palm-shaded, white-sand beach and the resort’s $4.9 million spa and fitness center, Palm Springs has become a popular destination for the affluent and well-off.Now, the resort is gearing up to launch a $5 million resort on the other side of the Pacific.Palm Springs, California, is located on

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How to make a sandcastle

Sand castles are a popular form of outdoor recreation in Miami, Florida.The theme parks have a wide variety of different types of sand castles, from traditional wooden castles to giant ones.But in Miami’s Treasure Coast, they’re the best.And the best part about these sand castles is that the construction is

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How to take a tour of the world’s most visited beaches

There are no shortage of popular tourist attractions around the world.But what if you want to explore a few of the most unique and exotic locations on earth?The following list of some of the coolest spots to visit includes the world famous beaches of Hawaii, the world-famous Caribbean Islands, and

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Why Catskill Falls is still a wild and beautiful place

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Catskills National Park, you’ll be familiar with its wild, lush forests, majestic mountain peaks and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.It’s also home to the largest and oldest waterfall in the world, Catskill Falls, and a place where the word ‘fancy’ has

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Which is better: an opportunity or a vacation?

Pennsylvanians will decide on their next vacation starting May 1.They’ll choose a location and see what’s available, but if you want a vacation, this is the place to go.Here are the top 10 best resorts in the state.[Updated May 18] The Pennsylvania State House is hosting a series of town

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