How Maui’s resorts are doing amid the drought

A Maui resort in northern California has been forced to close due to the drought.

The resort, Maui Beach, has been operating since the 1980s and is known for its sandy beaches, but officials said the resort is now closed.

Officials said the closures are part of a new policy that will allow for the resort to reopen after two years if it is inspected.

Officials with the Maui Department of Water Resources said the beach is closed for the first time since November and they will reopen in early April.

“We have to make some changes and it’s an ongoing process,” said Mark Zabel, a Maui spokesman.

“If there are more problems with the water, we will have to reopen,” he said.

Officials have not said when the beach will reopen, but Maui officials have said the town could be back open within the next couple of weeks.

Zabel said the closure of the beach follows another one at the resort earlier this year.

“It was very clear the water was going to be there for quite some time and we were concerned that we weren’t going to have that option available to us,” Zabel told the KGO-TV.

The new policy will allow Maui beach to reopen if the water quality is “well above the national standard,” according to a statement from the Mauis Department of Environmental Protection.

Officials are still waiting for a permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Officials at Maui have been saying for weeks that the water from the lake is coming from a nearby lake.

The water is being pumped to the beach from the nearby Lake Tahoe and then pumped back to the resort.

“They’ve been telling us that they are going to pump water in and out of the lake,” Zabels said.

“I think the main reason that we have been seeing so much trouble is because we haven’t been able to properly measure the water levels.”

He added that he and other residents are worried that if the lake water levels are high, then the lake could dry up and the resort could not be used for tourism.

“The water is really high.

It’s not just that it’s high in the lake, but the lake’s actually a really big lake.

It takes about two and a half hours for the water to reach the beach,” Zabbels said of the high lake levels.

Maui is located on the west coast of the state, about an hour west of San Francisco.

“Maui Beach is a popular destination for Maui residents, visitors and the rest of the world,” the statement from Maui says.

“A recent study from the University of Hawaii and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection estimated that if there was no additional water coming into the lake in excess of 1.5 feet per hour, the lake would be at maximum capacity by mid-March.”

The water levels at Mauis beaches are expected to drop to normal levels by mid March.


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