How the Wynn resort is doing after its second major fire

French lick resort has reopened after the second major blaze in its 26-year history, the Queensland Government has confirmed.

Key points:Wynn’s French lick Resort was gutted by flames in FebruaryA fire that broke out at the resort last month was the latest blaze to hit the Queensland coast since it opened in the 1980sFrench lick Resort has reopened, despite the loss of more than a third of its original staff and the loss in revenue from visitors French lick is owned by Wynn Resorts, which owns hotels, resorts and shopping centres across Australia.

The resort reopened in May after a fire that ripped through the hotel, but the loss was expected.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was important the resort could recover quickly, while acknowledging the damage the fire had done to the building.

She said the state government would assist with rebuilding costs.

“This is the biggest loss in terms of revenue in Australian history,” Ms Palaszo said.

“The loss is expected to be $100 million, but that’s the only one we know of.”

The Queensland Government said a number of other buildings at the French lick had been damaged, and that it was “likely” some staff would be laid off.

Queenas Premier Annathe Palaszuks has called on residents to remain vigilant over the weekend.

Ms Palasziks has urged people to be aware of their surroundings, and to avoid going out to the beach.

She has also ordered a review of how the resort operates.

The Premier said the Queensland Fire Service had been contacted about the fire, and would assist.

The French lick was built in the 1960s and is owned and managed by Wynns, which was incorporated in the early 1990s.

The loss of nearly $40 million in revenue, and $50 million in lost revenue to the resort, was expected to hit tourists’ wallets this weekend, according to the Queensland Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

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