How to stay safe and feel great when visiting Disney’s Disney Springs resort

Destination America is excited to introduce the Walt Disney World Resort’s new safety guide.

This is the first comprehensive guide to Walt Disney’s new theme parks, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

The new safety plan focuses on ensuring guests feel safe while they’re at Disney’s theme parks.

This includes the following:When you arrive at Walt Disney Parks, you will be greeted with a welcome letter and asked if you would like to take your pick of a complimentary meal, snack or beverage.

Guests can also choose from a variety of entertainment options.

When you leave Walt Disney Springs, you can choose to have a full day or a day off.

We’ll have more details on the day off option when you get to Walt’s Florida resort, but it is a good idea to arrive before 6:30pm so you can make your choice.

Once you have chosen your choice, you’ll then receive a confirmation email with your Disneyland Resort and Resort Signature card.

If you have a signature card, the signature card will also be sent to your Walt Disney Resort Resort email address when you arrive.

You can also check your email for the confirmation email when you check out at Disney Springs Resort.

This safety guide is available in print, online, on the Disney Parks app, and at the Walt, Disney, and Pixar websites.

The Walt Disney Theme Parks are part of Walt Disney Studios.

Disney Parks is committed to protecting the health and safety of our guests.

The following is the full list of safety recommendations that were included in the safety guide:• Don’t leave your food, drink, and other personal belongings unattended when entering Walt Disney Resorts• Take your hands off of the steering wheel or brake pedal during a car ride or other activity, or in other situations where it is not safe to do so• Avoid sitting, standing, or sitting on the ground when driving• Donate your wallet, cell phone, or other electronic device when parked at Walt’s Resort or Disney Springs Resorts.

Guests are encouraged to wear safety glasses when parked in the WaltDisneyWorld Resort.• Never leave your phone, iPod, tablet, or MP3 player unattended or in your pocket.• When entering WaltDisney World Resorts, always wear safety gear that is appropriate for the environment you’re in and does not allow you to enter the Resort without first getting permission.• Wear the appropriate park pass when you are at WaltDisney Parks.

Guests must present a valid photo ID to receive park passes.• If you leave the Walt Park entrance unattended, leave it there until the security guard is able to assist you.• Make sure your personal belongings are stored at the Disney Resort.

The security guard will not allow your personal items to leave your Resort.

Guests should store their personal belongings in the safe and secure lockers located at Walt and Walt Disney Park.• Keep pets on a leash at Walt Park, Disney Springs and other Walt Disney resort properties.• Dress professionally when entering the Walt or Walt Disney Disney Resort Resorts or Disney Parks.

This will ensure you and your guests are well-prepared for your visit.


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