How to take your trip to Woodlands Resort without the crowds

Woodlands resort is a new destination that is set in the remote Woodlands National Park and can be booked through the Royal Parks website. 

 Woodlands Resort is a small and cozy beachside town on the Gold Coast and it has lots of accommodation for the family and those wanting a more relaxed weekend getaway. 

The town also offers a number of restaurants and a number tourist attractions. 

We were able to take our family to Woodland Resort for a relaxing and beautiful weekend by booking our stay online, but this was not without some complications. 

For those who do not want to book online, Woodlands will be holding a ‘Summer Party’ on Saturday and Sunday and it is possible to book from home. 

If you book a hotel stay in Woodlands, it will be a family friendly affair, but if you are planning a day trip or a weekend getaways, be sure to book your stay through the website, or in advance. 

How to book a Woodlands hotel stay on the Royal Park website? 

There are a number options to book accommodation online in Woodland. 

Firstly, booking through the park is the best way to book Woodlands. 

However, if you do not have a hotel in Woodies, then book a single room in the town which is available on the park website.

This option is cheaper and it will cost you less to book in the park. 

Another option is to book hotels directly through the RSPCA (Royal Parks) and book a room directly from them via the booking portal. 

There is also a number more hotels in Woodings but it is the cheaper option, but there is also more time it takes to book. 

Woodland has some popular hotels but they are all in the outskirts of the town so it can be a bit tricky to find a hotel near your holiday spot. 

It’s worth taking a look at the hotels available in Woodlarks town centre and then booking a room from the resort. 

Once you have booked your accommodation, you will need to find the correct hotel number to book it on the resort website.

For example, we booked our room directly through Royal Parks and it was booked on the booking site for 2 beds in a one bed room and 2 beds at the resort’s resort hotel. 

You can check this online and make sure the correct number has been booked for the room you are staying in. 

Booking a single bed in a hotel is easy.

Just click on the number on the left side of the booking window and select “Book a single beds” and it should give you a list of hotels nearby. 

From the booking page, you can find out more about booking your rooms. 

Alternatively, if your hotel is in town, you may need to book an additional room if you want to be able to reserve your room for your stay. 

So, how do you book the Woodlands Hotel in the Park? 

If your hotel does not offer a hotel room, you need to search the website to book that accommodation. 

To find out if you have the correct room, click on “Book an accommodation” and then “Select the appropriate room type”. 

The Woodlands website will then list the rooms available in the resort for your accommodation.

For instance, we had a room available for a night in the pool, and another room available in a gym which were both booked for two nights. 

These rooms are on a single double bed with a shared bathroom and the bathroom is shared with the rest of the accommodation.

This will make your booking easier, but it will take longer to book and we wanted to make sure that we had enough room for both nights.

For this, we could not book the pool room, and therefore the room we needed for the night was the only room available. 

Our first attempt to book the room using the booking process failed, so we attempted again, and this time the booking was successful. 

After booking the rooms, we went back to the booking website and made sure we had the correct rooms.

Then we were able to book all of the rooms in our accommodation, which is great, as they are usually booked in advance of time. 

But the booking system is not perfect and sometimes it is difficult to book rooms in the right size and the right time, so make sure you check with the hotel directly. 

What is the difference between booking online and booking a hotel? 

When booking a single rooms in a resort, you do need to have a room in town or have booked an additional hotel room in Woodlins town centre. 

In this case, it’s a lot easier to book through the hotel website.

The booking portal does have some online booking options though and these can be used to book single rooms and stay in hotels. 

When we booked the single rooms, the hotel would not show up on the website and we were unable to book another room online. Luckily,


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