‘I am a woman and I love men’: My story of being a woman in the ski industry

“I was at a party and the guy on the balcony was like, ‘What the hell are you doing?

You look like a man!’

I was like [in disbelief] And he was like ‘You look like you’re going to get knocked off the balcony!'”

— Sarah Withers, ski instructor and mom of two who worked at Nemacolin Woods Resort, a new resort in Lake Tahoe.

“It was the first time I had ever been on a balcony with a man and I was a little nervous.

I was really trying to relax.”

Withers is not the only woman in this industry who feels a little uneasy about coming out.

Sarah Wethers, a ski instructor who works at Nemasl Woodlands Resort, said it was the second time she has been on the same balcony as a man.

She said she was very nervous but not surprised.

“I think it’s a lot easier to hide it in the snow because people are not going to know if it’s you or someone else,” she said.

“If you’re a woman, people can just assume you’re not there.

And so I was pretty nervous.

The next time I went there, it was totally different.

The guys weren’t there, but I was.”

Wethers and her wife, Sarah Withering, who also works at the resort, have three young children who live in nearby homes.

“They’ve always been open about their sexual orientation,” Wither’s husband, Chris Wither, said.

Chris Wither said that when he first saw Sarah and her children in January, he had a lot of questions.

“When I first heard Sarah was a woman I was not sure about the fact that she had two daughters,” he said.

But he said his wife has “always been there” to welcome guests and to serve as an example for others.

“Sarah is very welcoming of anyone who comes to her.

She’s very open and kind.

I’m very happy to see that we are all equal.”

Withering said she hopes to work in the industry in the future.

“To me, skiing is a profession that is supposed to be open and welcoming.

And that’s why I’m doing this.

I feel like if it were any other profession, there would be a lot more women doing it.”

Sarah Wither is not alone in her experience of coming out as a woman.

“My daughter is now a year old,” Sarah Wailing, a former professional skier, told New York magazine in 2014.

“She’s a girl and she’s not sure how she wants to live her life.

But I know she can’t have an all-girl ski team, so I have her on my team.”

Sarah, a mother of two, has a daughter and two boys.

Sarah said she did not come out to her family until she was 19.

“At first I was scared,” she told New Yorker.

“But I felt like I had to because it was something I had been told to not do.

But it’s just part of who I am and I just felt like it was right for my kids.”

Wailing, who has worked in the resort for more than 15 years, said she has seen an increase in women in the business.

“For the first three years, we were mostly women,” she recalled.

“The girls were a little bit less than half of the guys, but we saw an uptick in women and they’re now in the majority.”

Sarah and her husband have a 10-year-old daughter, who is a fan of the sport and wants to be a ski jumper, but doesn’t think that would work for her.

“This is going to be so fun,” Sarah said.