Perdido Beach Resort: An open-air resort on the brink of disaster

A new plan for Perdito Beach Resort has opened up a new world of freedom.

With the resort being built with the help of the Perdigo Conservation Initiative, the owners hope to make it a destination for everyone to enjoy.

The resort is a private and exclusive resort in the beautiful waters of the ocean.

The resort’s owners, Jules Perdida and his wife, Anabelle, opened the doors for guests last year, with plans to have an ocean view for the entire resort, and to have a full bar and lounge.

With that, the resort’s name was changed to Perdio Beach Resort.

Perdido, which translates to “the sea”, means “sea of the sea”, and is named after a legend in ancient Greek who is credited with bringing the sea to the island of Perdino.

Periodically, a new wave of storms and tropical cyclones are seen hitting the island, and in the past decade, the island’s population has dropped from more than 300 to less than 60.

While it’s still considered a paradise, with an annual income of around $3 million, it’s estimated that Perdidos population has plummeted from about 200 people in the 1970s to just 10 people today.

While the resort has been built with its owners’ own funds, it was funded by the Perdito Island Conservancy, which is a group of private citizens working to protect the pristine, pristine environment of the island.

The Perditos are a group which includes former Premier Ricardo Bautista, who is now the Governor of the state of Cebu, and his daughter, Domingo Perdicini.

They are a non-profit organisation working to preserve the Perdios ecosystem, with a focus on the creation of protected areas for endangered species and species conservation, such as the blue whale.

As part of the Conservancy’s efforts, they are planning to install solar panels in the resort, as well as installing water treatment plants and an irrigation system.

“We have a vision to become the world’s first solar and hydropower resort, with over a million square meters of photovoltaic and hydroelectric capacity, with up to 500,000 people living in the island,” said Jules.

The conservancy is also hoping to attract tourists, with their plan to open a resort and bar.

They hope that they will attract people from all over the world who want to visit the island and experience Perdío, as a tropical paradise with its beaches, coral reefs, and ocean view.

As well as the new plan, the Peridos owners have also released a plan to protect other endangered species in the region.

They are working to have native fish species such as seahorses, seabirds, and sea turtles reintroduced to the area.

For the past five years, they have been working on a conservation plan to reintroduce species such a the tiger shark, which has become extinct in the country.

They have also set up a fund to provide training for young people to become conservationists and protect endangered species.

While they are not planning to stop the resort entirely, Jines plan to make Perdodo a sanctuary, as per the conservation plan.

“We will continue to be open to guests, as long as they want to stay, but we want to do this in a way that we can make it sustainable,” he said.

“It’s important that we don’t do it without the support of the government, but also the people.”

Read more about Perdodos fate at PerdosNews and resources:


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