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Telluride Resort and Casino is closing down due to climate change

Tellurid Resort and the Tahoe Casino Resorts Group said Wednesday it will shut down its ski resorts in the United States due to rising temperatures.The resorts, located on the Tahoosh National Forest, are among the last in the world to operate in the region due to the devastating effects of

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How to get a Bahamas vacation? Here’s everything you need to know

Bahamas resort owners are hoping to boost tourism in their islands’ tourist hub by introducing a new attraction in the wake of a deadly terror attack there in October.A $2.4 million facility will open this summer at the beachside resort of Kalahari and its neighboring islands of Bali and Koh

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How Maui’s resorts are doing amid the drought

A Maui resort in northern California has been forced to close due to the drought.The resort, Maui Beach, has been operating since the 1980s and is known for its sandy beaches, but officials said the resort is now closed.Officials said the closures are part of a new policy that will

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