The best resorts in Hawaii’s Kalahari and Islands

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Royal Hawaiian Resort & Spa, Honolulu: This is the third-highest rated resort in Hawaii, according to TripAdvisor.

Its been voted the best resort in the world in multiple categories by TripAdress readers.

Its a 5-star rating, with over 7,000 reviews, and the average rating for a resort is 5.2.

Royal Hawaii Resort & Resorts: 5 stars 3.

Blue Diamond Hawaii: Blue Diamond Resort & Casino is one of Hawaii’s most sought-after resorts.

It’s been rated the third most luxurious resort in Honolulu, according the TripAdvisors Luxury Guide.

The resort has been rated five out of five by Tripadvisor.

Blue-Diamond Resort & Resort: 5.5 stars 4.

Golden Corral Hawaii: The resort in Kailua, Hawaii has been named the best Hawaiian resort in 2016 by Trip Advisor.

The popular resort has more than 3,500 rooms and suites with a variety of amenities, including pool, spa, and water park.


The Grandeur at Grandeur Bay Resort & Club: This resort is the fourth-most luxurious in Hawaii with 1,900 rooms and 2,000 suites, according TripAdvisers Luxury Travel Guide.

A 4-star score for this resort means guests can enjoy an all-inclusive package of dining, dining, shopping, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment facilities.


Oceanfront Lodge & Resort in Kona: This popular resort in Kaipo, Hawaii is rated the fourth most luxurious by TripAgencies Luxury Luxury World Travel Guide with 4,000 rooms and 3,000 resorts.

This resort has a rating of 5.7 out of 5 stars.

4-Star Rating: 4.7 stars 3: The Diamond at Diamond Head, Oahu: This luxury resort has received four-star ratings from TripAdrvers Luxury TripAdventures.

The Diamond has 4,600 rooms and 4,100 suites with all-day breakfast, nightlife and shopping.


Kona Kona Resort: Kona Lodge has been the second-most expensive resort in Hawaiian waters, according Travel + Leisure’s Luxury Scorebook.

This luxury destination has more amenities than any other resort in this year’s top five.

It has an average rating of 4.4 stars.

3-Star rating: 4 stars 2: Waikiki: This iconic Hawaiian destination has been ranked by TripAdvice as one of the most popular resorts in the United States by Trip-Advisor readers.

The Waikīkī, the longest waterway in the Pacific, is located on Hawaii’s eastern tip, which separates the islands of Hawaii from mainland America.

It boasts the world’s largest lagoon, a freshwater pool, and a private golf course, among other amenities.


Kalaheo Lodge & Resort: Kalahemolee Lodge and Resorts is a 2-star rated resort with a 3.8 average rating.

It is located in Kahului, Hawaii, on the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu.

2-Star: 3.7 star 1: Waipahu: In 2016, Waipato was named the most expensive resort on earth by TripAway.

Waipa was ranked the most luxurious in 2016 and has 4.8 out of 10 stars on TripAward.

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