The new Disney Parks Resort will feature a ski resort, two new golf courses and a tennis courts

A new Disney theme park in the Florida Keys is set to open next year.

The resort will be called The Walt Disney World Resort and will feature six new courses and three golf courses, the company announced Thursday.

The resort will feature seven themed areas, and Disney will also have its own theme park, the parks said in a news release.

The new resort will open in 2019, and will be located on the site of a former resort called the Walt Disney Springs Resort.

Disney said the resort will have more than 400,000 square feet of space for guests and will also include restaurants, entertainment and a museum.

It will be one of two new Disney resorts in the United States.

The Walt Disney Resort and Spa in Florida is seen in this photo illustration taken on October 12, 2018.

REUTERS/Joe Burbank/IllustrationFor more from the US, follow our news center on Twitter:¬†US,USSR,world,disco source USA TODAY title Disney to open resort in Florida’s Keys next year, new parks, golf course, golf source USA NOW title Disney: New resort in the U.S. Islands, Disney parks, a golf course and golf course will open next month article A resort and theme park are set to be announced for the United State’s southernmost state in 2019.

The Disney Parks and Resorts resort and resort-hotel in the state’s second largest city of Tampa, Florida, will open this summer and the park-and-theme-park in Pinellas County’s St. Lucia will open later this year, the Walt D. Disney Company announced in a release Thursday.

The resorts, the St. Louis theme park and the Florida resort-hotsel in Tampa will be the first to open in the nation’s second-largest state.

The St. Croix theme park opened in June in Fort Myers, Florida.

Disney has plans to open another resort and hotel in the Keys in 2019 that will also feature a golf resort.