What to do if you’re unsure if your cruise is available to take

It was a long wait at the Lighthouse cruise ship, but it was worth it.

A group of friends were waiting at the shoreline to get to the other side of the ship when the captain called out to them.

“It’s OK, you’ll be back,” he said.

A little over five hours later, the group was back on the ship.

The captain then explained that the group had to take a short detour to the west coast.

They had to walk through the mountains to get into the city.

“This is the resort,” the captain said.

“Yes it is,” one of the friends replied.

“We’ll take you on a day cruise to the coast and you’ll have some amazing time,” the other said.

We arrived at the beach just after midnight and were able to enjoy the sea breezes and sunsets as we left the resort.