What’s the deal with Disney’s upcoming Zootopia Resort?

The official Disney Parks Blog has posted a lengthy Q&A with the new Walt Disney Imagineers and Disney’s Animation Studios team that will be posted on Thursday, February 12.

The question, in the form of a Q&A session, is one of many that have been floated by the Imagineers, who are hoping to present their visions for a new Disney theme park in 2019.

The new theme park is a joint venture between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Imagineering, which will take on a greater role in the creation of the new park.

The park is set to open in 2019, which is a little more than a year after the last Disneyland Resort opened.

There are still many questions about how the park will play out, as the first two Disney Parks will still operate, but Disney seems to be on the path of a theme park with an expanded storyline and an interactive experience, as opposed to the simpler, one-off park that Disney is known for.

According to the Imagineering Q&a, some of the questions posed to the team included:What kind of characters will be appearing in the new Disney park?

Will the new theme parks storyline be centered around the Zootopian story line?

Will there be any major plot twists in the theme park?

What kind a storyline would be in place in the park?

Are there any major characters from other Disney Parks?

What would be the biggest challenges and/or surprises for the new attraction?

Will this park feature more than one theme park-themed attraction?

What type of attractions would be added to the park at this time?

What kinds of attractions will be featured in the Disney parks that will not be featured elsewhere?

Will we see more themed water rides?

What will be the theme of the park and will it be themed to one of the existing attractions?

Will guests be able to enjoy some of their favorite Disney movies, shows and other content in the parks?

Will guests be allowed to purchase merchandise or collect Disney merchandise?

Are guests able to enter the park in a theme they have created?

Will Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot be added as attractions to the parks, as Disney has said it is?

Is the new Disneyland Resort set to be more family friendly, with new rides, food and beverage options, and more?

Will Walt Disney World be a destination park, like Disneyland?

Is this park set to include a larger scale, interactive park that would expand the park’s character and storyline?

Will all the park-related attractions be built to scale, like at the new Epcot?

Are there plans to expand the Magic Kingdom’s character?

Will any new rides or attractions be featured at the park, and if so, what are they?

How would the new parks new theme be structured?

How will the park be themed for Disney theme parks?

How big of an attraction will be in the Disneyland Resort?

Are any attractions or rides scheduled to be removed from the park this time around?

What attractions or attractions will still be in operation at the old Disney Parks, like Animal Kingdom, and how many of them?

Will they be removed completely?

What changes are planned for the Disney Springs theme park, including the park entrance, the rides, and the entertainment?

Will new parks like Disney Springs be a standalone attraction that will take guests to new areas of the parks like the Disney Islands or Epcot, or will the new attractions and entertainment be integrated into the existing parks?

Will Mickey Mouse be an attraction, or do you think the attraction will return to its original form, like it did in Disneyland, or Disney’s Florida Adventure?

Will Mickey Mouse also be featured on the new Park at some point?

What are the major challenges the Imagineer team is facing?

Are they planning on addressing those challenges in the future?


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