When are the next big ski resorts to open?

Tulum me, Tahoe ski resort, has the world’s tallest roof at 1,037m (4,000ft) and is a world-class destination for tourists and skiers.

Tulum is also a popular skiing destination for the country’s wealthy, with the highest price per night in Europe.

It opened on July 16 and is due to open its first season in 2019.

What to do when you get there: The ski resort is on a private island with an ocean view of the mountains and lakes, with a town on the edge.

There are two lifts to the resort: the $30-per-day R2-R3, which is operated by Tulum Ski Resort, and the $100-per.day R4-R5, operated by the Tulum resort.

Tulum’s ski season runs from June to October.

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