Which are the best beaches in Melbourne?

A beach in Melbourne’s southern suburbs is considered a must-have for anyone planning a trip to the city, so you’ll be surprised to find out which areas of the city are favourite places to spend a weekend.

From the pristine beaches of Perdido Beach to the spectacular waters of Montego Bay, the city is packed with different types of water sports, from surf to boating.

Here’s a look at some of the best options for your weekend in Melbourne.1.

The Great Ocean Road beachPerdido, Melbourne, AustraliaThe Great Ocean Rd beach is home to some of Melbourne’s best surfers.

Surfing and surfing events are held at the beach every weekend, with events such as The Great Indoors and The Great North Sea Open.2.

The Golden Triangle beachPerth, AustraliaWhen it comes to beaches, Perth is considered to be the city with the best.

It is home not only to the famous Gold Coast, but also to the stunning coastline, the Golden Triangle.3.

The Royal Mile beachPerry, AustraliaPerth’s Royal Mile Beach is home for a few of Melbourne City’s most popular events, including the Bluebell Open, which is held every year, and the Blue Bell Surf Festival.4.

The Melbourne Sea-to-Sea beachPerramore, VictoriaIt’s not uncommon for visitors to spend weekends at the city’s sea-to -sea beach, but the Royal Mile is arguably one of Melbourne the most popular.

The area has a history of hosting some of Australia’s most renowned surfers, such as Michael Jackson, Steve Irwin and Mick Jagger.5.

The Bluebell beachPerrd, VictoriaThe Bluebell Surf Festival takes place every year from May to October, and it’s one of the most beautiful waves on the coast.

You can swim, surf and even dive along the beach, as well as enjoy a delicious dinner, with plenty of free seating.6.

The Gold Coast beachPerris, VictoriaOne of Melbourne Island’s most beautiful beaches, Gold Coast is one of Australia, with an amazing coastline and the famous Melbourne Sea.

It’s also a popular destination for sightseeing and swimming.7.

The Perth Sea- to-Sea BeachPerth Beach, VictoriaWhen it’s the most crowded, it’s usually a good idea to arrive at the most busy beach, Perth’s Sea-To-Sea beaches.

You’ll be able to find lots of surfers in the area, but most of them prefer to spend their weekends at nearby The Rocks or Port Augusta.8.

The Victoria Downs beachPerkham Hills, VictoriaMany people will be surprised by the amount of people living in Victoria Downs, and while you can swim at its many beaches, it is the most scenic area of the area.

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, the Victoria Downs Surf Club offers guided tours and lessons, as do other local beaches.9.

The Port Augusta beachPerkinston, VictoriaWith an abundance of beautiful beaches and a fantastic harbour, Port Augusta is an ideal beach for those who want to go diving, surf, swim or just chill.10.

The City of Melbourne beachPerst, MelbourneVictoria’s City of the Beach has some of its best beaches, with a number of popular events happening every year.

It also hosts a number more events, such a the Blueberry Festival.11.

The Beach at Port AugustaPerth City of Bathurst, MelbourneThe Beach at the City of Victoria’s Port Augusta has a number popular events each year, including The Blueberry festival.12.

The North Shore beachPerranville, MelbourneAs well as being one of Victoria, Melbourne has its own beach at North Shore, which offers plenty of sun and a very relaxing beach.13.

The Gorges Peninsula beachPerrinville, VictoriaAnother popular beach for surfing and sunbathing, the Gorgese Peninsula is one to be visited for a weekend, particularly when it’s packed with surfers and sunbathers.14.

The South Beach beachPerkins, VictoriaIn Melbourne, there are plenty of great beaches to explore and enjoy, with many different types and sizes of water sporting, from surfing to boats.15.

The Coolgardie beachPermore, VictoriaFor those who like a break from the city life, there’s Coolgardiie, a unique area off the south coast of Melbourne.

The beach is popular for events such the Blue Ribbon Festival, the Coolgardies Surf Club and the Coolgates Open.16.

The East Coast beachSouth Yarra, VictoriaThis is a popular beach and the only beach in Victoria’s South Yarra which has the same name as the city.

The beaches in South YarRA have a number different types, such it being the only one of these beaches that has a sandbar.17.

The Inner Harbour beachPertha, MelbourneOne of the more popular beaches in the