Why did you decide to renovate your condo instead of renting?

When we were younger, we would rent out our condo for a month or so, and then get on with our lives.

We would take our children on the ski slopes.

And, of course, we’d go skiing.

I was a kid and had a sense of adventure.

But when I was in my 20s, I realised we had a lot more time to spend in our own homes, and that maybe it was time to invest in the most beautiful and beautiful places in the world.

So we decided to renovat our condo and rent it out to the public.

And that’s how we found ourselves living on an island resort called Sunrise Ski Resort.

But that was back in the early 1980s.

Today, Sunrise Resort is the world’s only resort with a full-service resort kitchen.

It’s a bit like a little Swiss chocolate bar.

There’s the lounge, the fitness centre, the dining area, the outdoor theatre, the swimming pool, the resort gym and a restaurant.

And the best part of Sunrise Ski is the view.

When you’re at Sunrise Ski, you can see the city and mountains, but the resort also has spectacular views over the sea and a bay of beautiful white sand.

We bought the condo for $300,000 and we spent over a year and a half renovating it.

We put a lot of work into the place, and we’re proud to call it our home.

I would describe it as my second home.

After I retired, I worked as a consultant in the hotel industry and as a writer, and it was a big investment in my life.

And then in 2009, I bought a condo on the island for $350,000.

So, now, I have my own home, with all of my furniture and my clothes and my bed and my books and everything.

I can enjoy being home, having my own space and enjoying the things that I love the most about living in a big city.

I’m still living in the same house that I was when I got the condo.

We’ve got a pool, we’ve got the gym, we have a restaurant, we even have a spa.

I’ve been to all of the beaches in New Zealand, so that’s a real plus.

And I have a really beautiful garden.

And it’s not only beautiful, it’s also really safe, too.

It has a lock on the front door and no dogs allowed, so I think that’s the biggest thing that I like about this place.

And if you’re a family with kids, you know what I mean.

I really do think it’s a very safe place to live.

You can walk in and just feel at home.

There are so many people around you, people are just having a great time.

So what I like most about this condo is that it’s beautiful.

I love being able to have my space, and I love seeing the sunsets and seeing the clouds.

It makes me feel like I’m living in New York City.

I like that, because when I’m out and about, I’m just out and around.

And when I go to bed at night, I know that it is beautiful out there.

I think I’ll be coming back to this condo a lot.


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